5 Tricks to Deceive Your Body When It Demands Sugar

5 Tricks to Deceive Your Body When It Demands Sugar

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We have all felt that spontaneous need to eat something sweet because ‘the body asks us to,’ and the sugar is a more-than pleasant-sensation for our palate, as well as a way of coping with discouragement and stress for the almost instantaneous pleasure it generates. But, as we know, the consumption of sugar, especially in excess, is associated with problems related to obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends not to consume more than 12 teaspoons of sugar per day, although, ideally, we shouldn’t exceed six. Taking into account that a can (330 ml.) of soda contains 9 teaspoons of sugar and then doing some quick math, tell us what your sugar intake looks like. If the answer is “high” or “very high,” it is time to change your habits! That’s why today we will show you 5 tricks to deceive your body when it asks for sugar.

1. Do not skip breakfast

The first meal of the day is important not only because it generates the energy we need to start our routine, but because it helps us maintain optimum blood sugar levels. Omitting breakfast causes blood glucose levels to fall and rise uncontrollably and become unstable, which, in the long run, affects our health and can lead to type-2 diabetes. In addition to that, breakfast prevents the consumption of sweets and even meals between meals, because our stomach is sated.

2. Cheat your brain and keep your anxiety under control

The craving for sweets takes time to make disappear. Having harmful foods in your reach will not help you when your body wants soda, lollipops or any other hypercaloric product. For example, unsweetened gum, light drinks, dark chocolate or chocolate with more than 70% cocoa contain less sugar and fat. They also have properties that are beneficial to your body.

3. Go for fructose, a natural sugar

Fructose is the type of sugar provided by fruits and vegetables. When you consume fresh fruit, your blood sugar does not rise sharply, the insulin released is not in excess, and the odds of forming adipose tissue are much lower than is the case with soda. In addition to that, fruits and vegetables provide fiber, water, vitamins and minerals, which help you feel sated, unlike soft drinks.

4. Avoid going to the supermarket when you are hungry

Several studies show that shopping at the supermarket while hungry makes us buy the first thing we see on the aisle, as it will look increasingly appetizing to us. This includes chocolates, cookies, soda, pies and cakes among others. The recommended thing is, first of all, to eat well before going to the supermarket. Also, bring a list of really necessary and healthy items for your daily diet.

5. Prepare your favorite desserts yourself

Let’s face it, bakeries are more concerned about lowering costs than our health, so the quality of the sugar and other ingredients they prepare their desserts with may not be the best. The idea of making your own desserts at home is to reduce the use of sugar in the cooking process. A good idea would be to use sweetener or honey, and look for cookies or other ingredients made with less refined and healthier flours.

Controlling your sugar intake is super important for leading a healthy lifestyle, improving our fitness and avoiding future illnesses. If you need more advice, you probably need to consider attending a specialized nutrition program, so that you reach your ideal weight in a healthy way and, in addition to that, acquire healthy long-term habits.