5 Ways to Eat Better Without Much Sacrifice

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We associate ‘healthy eating’ with making a great sacrifice, like avoiding the things we like. But the reality is that eating healthy is not just eating a strict diet and depriving ourselves of delicious foods. Of course, the basics are getting rid of some eating habits that go against a balanced diet and adopting others that contribute to the cause. What are these habits and why are they important? Here, we will tell you.

1. Use a plate to serve the snacks

By snacks, we mean potato chips, nachos and other types of snacks that packaged. According to a study by the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (NCCDPHP), people often eat more of these snacks when they are taken directly from the bag than if they are served on a plate or platter. This is an effect of psychological perspective, since, judging by the bag, it seems that the amount of snacks is smaller, and we have eaten little, but, in the dish, they are distributed in such a way that after eating the same portion, we feel full.

2. Eat whole fruit, don’t just drink juice

In addition to the vitamins and minerals provided by fruits, they are made of fiber, which has multiple benefits: it acts as a detoxifier within the body, prevents constipation and has a satiating effect, which is very convenient for diets. When we prepare the fruit in juice form and strain it, we throw away the fiber and are left with the juice alone. In addition to that, while natural fruit sugar is healthier than the artificial kind, pure juice has large amounts of sucrose that go directly into your body. Instead, when you eat the whole fruit, the fiber or pulp causes the sucrose to be digested in a slower and healthier way.

3. Eat chocolate, but the dark kind

Chocolate is one of the foods that, over time, has had its bad reputation removed, due to its antioxidant properties and its ability to improve mood and enhance your memory, not to mention the amount of vitamins A, B and C that it contains. However, experts say that it is best to consume dark chocolate or with at least 70% cocoa, instead of those with milk or other fillings.

4. Use olive oil in your meals

Surely you have heard that olive oil is the most important element in the Mediterranean diet. And it is that popular for several basically beneficial reasons: it stimulates the intestinal transit, it helps prevent various types of cancer related to the digestive system, it reduces gastric acidity and promotes nutrient absorption. In short, it has many properties that lead to a good functioning of the digestive system. Including it in your diet is fundamental if you are looking to take care of your health.

5. Eat vegetables, but not just salad

It is not a mystery that an important part of maintaining a healthy diet is having a large portion of vegetables on your plate. But these should not necessarily be served as a salad, you can also experiment with other dishes, such as omelettes, vegetable cakes, stuffed vegetables or creams. There is a wide array of recipes to try with vegetables to consider leaving aside the monotonous salad.

As we have seen, if you do things to change your eating habits little by little, you can have a diet that is healthier and more beneficial for your body. However, let us remember that each person is a different case with specific nutritional needs. There are those who need to lose weight, as well as those who are well below their desired muscle mass level or suffer from specific diseases that require a strict diet.