The Benefits of Body-Weight Exercise

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When people the word body-weight exercise, these are the things that come to mind sits-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups. We often don’t think of a single limb body-weight exercise, even though the pistol squat has achieved some recognition recently.

It is because of the fact that the one limb variations are incredibly difficult. And required high-level athletic motions. But this is what makes these activities so valuable because it will boost our athletic performance and change our physical appearance greatly.

Many sports activities require a strength limb movement. We often used one limb at a time as the other limb works in an assisting manner.

For example in basketball, we shoot with one hand and use the other to balance, the same is true with one hand passing. The same also holds true for soccer, rock climbing, golfing, and even bowling. So it is wise to spend some time to train your limb movements and strength.

How does body weight training help boost our sports performance?

Body-weight exercise, using one and both limbs, train our small muscles(and large muscle group of as well) that work as supporting muscle and it will improve efficiency and durability. You are training the kinetic chain.

Single limb training can take the training one step further by training the muscle with movements that really imitate the real sports movement in many aspects. This causes enhanced athletic performance, because each one of these muscles is not simply more powerful, but have been trained to move in harmony efficiently.

The benefits

Now let’s talk about how our body is improved by body weight training. As I said earlier about the small supporting muscles in body-weight training, it leads to the smaller muscles developing at the same pace as the bigger muscles.

Because sports movement is a coordinated work, it is more than just muscle development. As we see in bodybuilders, it is the major muscles that stand out more. Your whole body will not be shaped in that way, your body will look ready to do some heavy athletic movements.

More Advantages

The third advantage I’d like to mention is the spillover impact from single limb body-weight training and its application. For instance, any movement that you can do well with one limb can also be done easily with two, at least from a power perspective.

For example, two hands pull ups are not a problem when you can do it with one arm. But the opposite will not work. You will have a spill-over skill where the movement is pretty similar. For instance leaping, jumping off with one foot can help you accomplish more in activities that require jumping. You can do better in doing parkour, long jump and etc.

Body-weight training can enhance your performance and physique at the same time. Plus, it will be more applicable to multiple activities. I think this is something that athletes or simple gym goers should include them on their training habit.

Yes, it’s very difficult and takes some time to get used to it at the beginning, but the benefits are very big. You will start noticing the results even before you actually good at the exercises. So if you want to enhance your physique or athletic performance, give body weight training a try.