The Five Best Pre-Workout Foods

The Five Best Pre-Workout Foods

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Some fitness experts believe that working out on empty stomach can help in burning more fat and therefore quicken the weight loss process. This might not be the case always. Your body will end up using fat stored in muscles during workout and therefore fasting before workout may necessarily not lead to productive weight loss. You must consume low glycemic food before you workout. Avoid eating right before you workout as the food needs
to be digested before working out. Pre-workout food provides energy required to sustain you through the workout session. Here is the list of five best pre-workout foods.

Omelet: eggs are rich source of protein. Prepare a protein packed omelet to provide your required dose of energy for resistance training and muscle building. You can make this power-packed omelet in matter of minutes. Break two eggs in a bowl; add finely chopped onions, parsley and mushrooms to the same. Whisk well. Add a dash of salt and cook the omelet on a low flame. You must have this power packed omelet at least two hours before you start your workout.

Classic workout mini-meal: this is a hot favorite among body builders and athletes. It is high in proteins and is best suited for muscle building workouts. Classic workout mini-meal consists of baked sweet potatoes with 4 Oz of grilled chicken. You must have this mini-meal at least three hours before working out. Chicken is rich source of proteins whereas sweet potatoes have anti-oxidants that allow the body to work at optimum levels.

Oats: oats are high in soluble fiber. They are packed with energy and they are light on stomach. Prepare steamy oatmeal with veggies like bell peppers, tomatoes and broccoli. You can eat this up to one hour before your workout. You can also add half a scoop of protein powder to the oatmeal to increase its nutritive value. Oats are low glycemic and hence they reduce the release of blood sugar in your body and therefore provide sustained energy for your workouts. Oats are best pre-workout foods for endurance exercises and cardio workouts.

Banana protein shake: blend one ripe banana with one scoop of protein powder and one cup of milk to get this yummy protein shake. You can spruce up this shake with almonds and cashews. Bananas are great source of potassium. When combined with protein powder and nuts, it creates a perfect recipe for power packed performance. This protein shake provides energy required for circuit training. You can consume this protein shake 30-60 minutes before your work out.

Nutty apple snack: mix two tablespoons of almond butter with one medium sized apple to make this crunchy pre- workout snack. Apples contain a fiber named
pectin which helps in slowing down the release of sugar in your blood. Almonds
are packed with proteins and healthy mono-saturated fats that will help you to
last through your workout session. Nutty apple snack is best suited for cardio
workouts. You can consume this snack up to 45 minutes before your workout.