The top three anti-inflammatory foods to eat

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Inflammation happens in our body when a virus, bacteria, or other things are spotted and attacked by our immune system.

The immune system defends our health, it comprises of white blood cells or “lymphocyte cells”, which created in the bone marrow and got delivered to all body organs and tissues by the bloodstream.

In a healthy body, infection smooths the healing process but for some individuals, their body becomes confused and started to attack its own tissues. This may cause joint disease, celiac disease, irritable colon disease and etc. In fact, inflammation is the main cause of nearly all health issues we know such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and more.

Eating a natural anti-inflammatory food can decrease the symptoms of inflammation and irritation and help to repair the body. Listed below are the most notable three anti inflammatory foods to eat.


Vitamin D is one of the main topics of some studies because of its effective anti-inflammation substance. Foods that are high in vitamin D are salmon, mackerel, sardines, eggs, cod liver oil, and natural vitamin D fortified dairy and yogurt.

The Journal of Investigative Drugs found that vitamin D has more important functions beyond the calcium and bone supporting act fragments in the body.

It concluded that vitamin D is also increasing immunity and the insufficiency of vitamin D is found in autoimmune disease, where the immune system is fighting healthy cells by mistake. In addition, vitamin D has been studied because of its benefits for a sleeping disorder.


A recent study has a lot of good stuff to say about the benefits of walnuts. The writers say: “Walnuts is expected to have more anti-inflammatory substance than other nut products because of two reasons.

First, walnuts are the only nuts that contain good levels of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid it’s omega-3 fatty acid in plants). ALA is believed as one of the most anti-inflammatory essential fatty acids. Second, walnuts are also abundant in ellagic acidity, that has effective anti-inflammatory properties in some studies.”

Eating a number of walnuts before sleep time can also be a great way to reduce insomnia and sleeplessness because of the melatonin.

Some studies conclude that walnuts contain melatonin when it’s eaten and absorbed, it will increase our capacity to resist the stress caused by toxic substances. Walnuts also contain a great amount of omega-3 essential fatty acids, which were proven to inhibit certain types of tumor and keep our heart healthy.”

Olive oil

Oleic acid is one of the key fatty acids that olive oil has. It has been proven to help reduce levels of infection in our body.  A Mediterranean diet has been shown to successfully have a protection against chronic diseases through the intake of anti-inflammatory foods which is virgin olive oil.

Virgin olive oil has some substances that are potent anti-inflammation.

This anti inflammatory effect also links to brain health and it is known to help with insomnia and depression. Olive oil helps to balance hormones and keep the neurotransmitters functioning well.

Other great anti-inflammation foods are broccoli, pineapple, ginger, garlic, coconut oil, blueberries, and yogurt. Pick one of those recommended anti inflammation foods to eat that will boost your overall health.